Our Private Cremation Process

 Cremation is a clean and environmentally safe process. Our private cremation is a true individual cremation, as with human cremation no other pets are present in the retort. Each pet at Horizon Pet Cremation is taken from beginning to end through the entire process. This insures their privacy and dignity during this time. An average size pets takes about 1 to 2 hours. After each cremation all equipment is thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned to insure that the next beloved pets remains do not mix with any previous pet. 

We invite pet owners to participate in any part of the cremation process that they feel comfortable with. (Fee may apply)

What do I do with my pet's ashes?

Cremains are considered to be the earth part of the spirit. It is what belongs in the physical world. Keeping the cremains is a means of keeping the memory as physical as possible while the spirit is free, hence the reason for keeping ashes in an urn. Also many sites on the Internet provide hundreds of options for urn, keepsakes and memorial items. We do not provide those, as it is diffult enough to deal with all the options you have when you pet passes. Those options are there after the remains are returned and we can point you to a number of folks that provide memorial items for you pet.

There are indeed many other options for what one can do with ashes from a beloved pet:

  • Spread them in a favorite spot in the yard.
  • Bury them with a memorial tree (well diluted with topsoil as ash is very alkaline and has a high salt content.)
  • Set them free on a bridge over a favorite river or pier at a beach.
  • Separate small amounts and gift them in keepsakes or jewelry to family members.
  • Store them to be buried or re-cremated with the owner.
  • Hold them for dispersal until you feel ready.
  • Mix them with cement and make something which will last several hundred years.
  • Adhesed ashes: mix a small amount of the cremains with any wood glue and place a drop of the mixture in a locket. This is similar to what is done on certain Saint crucifixes. A photo may be placed either opposite or over the sample.