It's all about choices...

I became very concerned by a conversation I had with someone who did not know about our services. They had recently lost their beloved pet. When they asked their vet about choices. The response was “We will take care of him for you.” When inquiring about their pets return the additional cost was prohibitive when added to the cost of a long illness. They were forced to let there pet go with no idea as to its ultimate fate. When I inquired about their pets health care provider, I was disturbed that it was someone who knew of our services. For some reason they had not made that option available to their client. Remember, you are the one who makes that final decision, not your vet.

When you next visit your vet ask them about choices for your pet’s after care. What does “take care of them" actually mean? Where does my pet go for cremation? And if returned what assurance do I have that their ashes are only theirs? What other types of services are available to help me through this difficult time? You deserve to know the answers to these questions.

You do have choices and they are yours to make. Your pet’s health care provider has the responsibility to make you aware of what those options are. We can work closely with your provider to insure that your time of need is as stress free as possible for both you and your pet’s final days. We provide full after care services. For more details please contacts us about options. 

"Remember you do have choices, and they are yours to make!"

With privacy, dignity, and the respect that your pet deserves we truly offer “Peace of Mind”.