Private Pet Cremation in Bend, Oregon

We at Horizon Pet Cremation are a caring company dedicated to providing the very best for your pet. While at the same time giving you total "peace of mind".

Please Note:
After Jan 1st 2018 Prices for Private cremations will be going up slightly.
General cremation costs will stay the same.

We are there for you when after your pets passing. If you need help after normal hours, please do not hesitate to call us. Our normal business hours are from 8am to 5pm. M-F. However we are in and out all day long and may not always be on site. If you are unable to pickup your pets ashes during normal hours please be sure to make arrangements well in advance. We will attempt to help you out as best we can.

When your pet is ready to go home we will call you.
NORMAL PET PICKUP can be done between the hours of  Noon to 5pm -- 
PLEASE Call first to make sure we are available and home BEFORE stopping by.

If your pet has passed on weekends or holidays or after hours.
Please feel free to call so that suitable arrangements can be made for
taking care of your pet as soon as possible.
Please note that we cannot always be available at a moments notice.

Due to a recent increase in volume over the past several months, turnaround can take up to several days and can be longer in some cases. We attempt to get pets back as quick as quick as we can, and we will call and let you know when your pet is ready to go home. However feel free to call to find out the status of your pet if you have not heard from us after a few days. Please keep in mind that unforeseen circumstances can and often do affect when we can return pets back to their home. 

As always you are welcome to stop by and visit with us and see our facilities during normal hours.

Again....PLEASE do call first to insure that we are on site and available for whatever services you do require.....

-- Becky Vaughan & Bailey   (Bailey passed away 2017 on Feb 24th at 10:45pm) Rest in Peace little buddy!

HPC reserves the right to make changes at anytime to our polices, prices & schedules, information on this website should be used as a guideline only. We are not responsible for any errors, omissions or miss-understandings or erroneous interpretations with respect to the information or content that is contained within this web-site. Please call if you have any questions about our business or services.


1723 Lytle, Bend OR 97701
"Peace of Mind"
in the Heart of Bend